Empty Tain


Sitting every morning in the train

I see them every morning

I can hear the rain

When our eyes meet

We both look away

I'm always wondering

Could you be ok


The last one waited apart

Didn't look to the right

Got fire in his heart

When I looked at him

I got no response

When the train moved away

I thought he's a ponce



They're everywhere

They mostly don't care

About me

Some of them stare

Then I don't care

About them

Empty Train


I'm looking down to the ground

See someone playing with

Everybody looked around

I also find it

When I look down

Not as lose

Mine are brown


There’s a difference between feelings

And clothing’s worn

Going up to the ceilings

Considered as disease

Stamped with stereotypes

Fighting for freedom

And our rights




You're sitting towards me

Looking out of the window

But I still see

Can't hear your thoughts

Cause it's to loud

We're together in this boat

We both can't get out



Chorus (2x)